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Companion Dogs

Every breed was created for a reason, and the companion dogs are no exception. Their job is to keep ...

Herding Dogs

The dogs in this category were developed to control large flocks of sheep or herds of cattle. They ...


Hounds are perhaps the oldest type of hunting dog. Two types exist: those who hunt by sight, or sight ...


Terriers are the rascals of the dog world. Their name comes from the Latin word terra, meaning earth, ...

Working Dogs

The diverse dogs represented in this group were bred to perform a variety of tasks from guarding people, ...

Hybrid Dogs

What separates a Schnoodle or a Goldendooble from its purebred kin? After all, the Brussels Griffon, ...

Sporting Dogs

Active and alert, Sporting dogs are the hunters of the dog world: the Pointers, Retrievers, Setters, ...

Mixed Breed - Mutt

Meet the real underdog, the one far more likely to end up in a shelter than a purebred. To adopt a ...
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